Props Values
fields Search fields that make up a query string. By default the value is [{‘name’: ‘Query’, ‘key’: ‘q’}]
manifesturl Required. Manifest to be searched
searchapi Not required. Only necessary if the url for the search api is not in the service field of the manifest.
styling string structured styling. See settings table for more options

Getting started

In order to create any of the viewers listed on the website the following code needs to be added to an HTML file once.

<script src=""></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">

Note: the annona.js and annona.css need to be loaded only once, no matter how many image viewers are loaded. Multiple image viewers can be loaded on one page with the <iiif-searchapi> tag. An example of this can be seen here: annotations.

Building views

From there any of the tags built through the Tag Builder or manually can be entered into a webpage. The Tag Builder provides a user interface for creating much of the code documented below. It also has all settings built into the interface.

Example from NC State University Libraries

<iiif-searchapi manifesturl=""></iiif-searchapi>

Query strings with results: basketball, basket

Example from Wellcome library

<iiif-searchapi manifesturl=''></iiif-searchapi>

Query strings with results: man, medical