The README on this repository has the commands for serving locally. This project is entirely open source and we welcome all contributions to the project.

Additionally if you are using the library for your projects please let us know by opening an GitHub issue. We are interested in any and all projects using this library. The “In the Wild” table lists projects currently using this library. We will not list your project here without your permission.

Because the library uses W3 Web Annotations and OpenAnnotations the library will work with a number of other annotation creation softwares. A list of known platforms are listed in the “Compatible platforms” table. Please open a GitHub issue if you believe your platform is compatible.

In the Wild

Project GitHub repo Website
Local IIIF Annotation Server (deprecated)
Princeton Art Museum Liao Dynasty Coffin Panels
Selections from John James Audubon’s Birds of America at the Lilly Library

Compatible platforms

This library should work with any W3 web annotations or OpenAnnotation. Below are some platforms that support W3 web annotations or OpenAnnotation creation.

Platform IIIF compatible
From the Page Yes
Recogito Yes
Goobi Viewer Yes
Annonatate Yes
Any IIIF Annotation Server or Client Yes